Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Words

I don't mean to dwell on this.   But as I shared some witty banter with a friend I just thought how much I miss my friend, Colleen.  She was so damn witty and always had a funny response to everything.  It was always great fun to match wits with her.  Oh why, oh why.  It is such a loss to me, to all those that loved her.

A mutual friend told me that I needed to write a "song" for her.  Well, I'm no musician but I do wax poetic from time to time.  So I wrote this poem for both of my friends.  I just wanted to share it here in case somebody . . . anybody can find some sort of hope and know that no matter how bad they think things are,  there are people who love you and need you.  Please don't cheat the world of every precious minute you can contribute to this life.  I don't know how good of a poem this is, it feels a bit rough and unpolished.  But it was one of those gifts from the muse and I offer it up, lumps, bumps and all.


Tho you feel darkness all around
And death sings its siren song,
Step outside yourself and look again.

The darkness is illusion,
blinders put there by your pain
But in truth
You will see,
there is a flame.

You are the light in someone’s life,
Your smile has dispelled the bleakest of nights
And your darkest hour need not be in vain.

Unbind you soul,
extend your hand,
be assured that many hands
will reach out
to take yours.

Let the love that does surround you
break that barrier that confines you,
Allow the light of love to lift you
from the depths of hopelessness and pain.
The flicker of your soul will ignite once again
To keep you warm, give you strength and keep you sane.

It may feel a lonely battle, but once you
reach for help,
You will find an army of God’s angels at your side.

Be strong for just one second,
Cry for help with your last effort
Open the door, do not shut it,
Let love in.


  1. It's a lovely poem. I feel very sorry that I only met Colleen in person twice. I wish her life had been a lighter burden for her.

  2. Thanks. She was a very private person, who knows what haunted her and caused her so much pain. I know she loved her brother and her sister very much. I often wonder how her cats Ian and Finn are doing without her. She really loved her cats. I'm having a hard time accepting that she is no longer with us.