Saturday, June 18, 2011


All these spheres abound.
Stars and wheels go round
while making not a sound.

In the circle, God is found,
Whose circumference know no bounds
and in the center of God lies
You and I.

Spinning through our lives
While the force of nature thrives,
Eternity survives
In eggs and worlds and I.

I am slowly settling into life in my new apartment.  Slowly I am returning to the fiber hobbies that have brought me so much pleasure.   Last night I felted some wool shapes to use in felted soap I am making.   I worked at the table on my little balcony.  So nice!  Later, I practiced my "Navaho Plying" and got a bit of a handle on that.  I thoroughly enjoyed my hobby last night.

In the midst of my moving chaos, I thought perhaps my fiber enthusiasm had gone for good.  Thankfully, that is not so.  I am loving my new apartment!  It is in such a beautiful neighborhood.  I have birds and bunnies, trees and squirrels, and warm summer nights looking up at the stars.  How could I not blossum here.  Who would've thought that all this could be found in a "city". 

So the creative juices are running again.  I haven't "waxed poetic" yet.  But I thought I would share a poem that I wrote back in 1994, long before I got into spinning.  It seems so appropriate now as I spin on my wheel . . . "spinning through my life" and my fiber!   As I look at the year I wrote this poem, I realize that it was written while I worked for a State Park.   It was my first lay off from my newly gotten seasonal employment.  I loved those days.  I loved working at the park during the summer.  And I cherished those winter lay offs!  That was my time to be creative.  I painted, I played my guitar, watched movies and documentaries (and Gilligan's Island, yes I did) and stared at the ceiling if I felt like it.  I do miss those days.  At the time I wrote this poem, I had the luxury of sitting in my recliner and watching a Joseph Cambell documentary on "The Power of Myth" for six hours.  I was so struck by his teachings that this poem was born of it.  Those were better days for me.  As I look forward to better days in my new abode I plan to delve back into the things that make life worthwhile . . . friends, music, reading, art.  It's good to be back in that place again!

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